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Start page is optimized

By nilsgrundberg 2014.01.30 in Information

The start page of Outdrr has for long unfortunately been really slow it’s also been crashing in mobile devices. This is now finally fixed, sorry for any inconvenience!

Related post, new functionality on Outdrr

By nilsgrundberg 2014.01.16 in Blogging at Outdrr.com

The more than 100 bloggers on Outdrr creates a lot of great blog posts. A lot of the blog posts is for example guides or stories from hikes or similar things, this is often very visible in search engines and therefor a lot of visitors end up directly in the blog posts.

Many of these visitors leaves the site when they have read the blog post. But we want the visitor to discover even more.

Therefor have we added Related blog post so that the blogger can show more of it’s great content for, especially, new visitors. But to make this even better we have in a way linked together all the blogs on Outdrr by also adding Related posts from other blogs this creates more value for the visitor and it drives visitors between the different blogs.
Releated blog posts

Print screen of the related posts from photo blogger Live it, share it latest blog posts “Back on track”.

Music for the Outdoors, the Outdrr playlist

By nilsgrundberg 2014.01.14 in Tips

Longing for the Outdoors but are trapped in a city? Check out the Outdrr playlist on Spotify, outdoorsy music that makes the outdoors feel close even do you are far from the wilderness.

Including The Highway Men, Johnny Cash, Björk, Eddie Wedder, First Aid Kit and much more!

Please add your favorite music to the playlist!

Music for the Outdoors

Summary 2013, 10 month with Outdrr.com

By nilsgrundberg 2014.01.12 in Reflections

Roughly 10 months has passed since we released Outdrr.com. The main reason to start Outdrr.com was to have an online blogging community with shared interests about the outdoors.

We felt that a community like this was absent from the online communities we were seeing. A place where outdoor enthusiasts and experts could share and express their thoughts about outdoor life, and of course read and share their knowledge about the great outdoors that we all share our love for.

We had no idea what the response would be when we pushed the release button the last day of February in 2013. We were happy to see that the immediate response was immense, and a lot of bloggers joined the site in the first few weeks along with a lot of visitors.

So what have we done throughout our first 10 month?


1) The last of February we released Outdrr.com in Sweden
We had roughly 15 bloggers already from the start, and a lot of visitors.


2) May 2013, Our first meetup
Ten Outdrr bloggers met up at The High Coast (Höga Kusten) trail in the north of Sweden for two nights, one in cabin and one in tent.

Beach in the High COast

Johan Forsberg, Nordic Bushcraft from our first meetup.


3) May 2013, The start of Outdrr Awards
During our meetup we had the opportunity to try out gear from some of the best outdoor producers in the world, including Fjällräven, Hestra, Aclima, Primus and Brunton.


4) August 2013, we released the English version

We got so many requests from bloggers around the world to join our site that we released the English version.


4) September 2013, Our first European Meetup, (Helsinki)
Even though this meeting was only planned two weeks ahead, a small but quiet international group gathered together in Helsinki for a hike in Noux National Park. There we also met up with our Finnish sister site www.retkipaikka.fi


5) October 2013, Our biggest meetup, Tyresta national park outside Stockholm
With 15 participants from all over the world this was our biggest meetup.

The Outdrr group in Tyresta nationalpark


6) November 2013, 100 blogs
We reached a milestone: 100 blogs, roughly 50/50 Swedish/English.we-are-growing2


7) Established a genuine and close relationship through social media
More than 3000 followers on Facebook, 20 000 views on YouTube (200 subscribers), more than 700 followers on Tumblr. But most important, the close conversation we have with all of you who supports us.


What will we be doing during 2014
– Focus on the English version of Outdrr
– Release even more country versions, our primary focus right now are the Scandinavian countries
-Testing products, and release Outdrr Awards in a bigger and better format
– Videos…

Thanks to all of you who are visiting our site and thanks for all your support in social media! Please comment below or contact us if you have any feedback or questions!

Our first ad campaign

By nilsgrundberg 2013.11.02 in Uncategorized

Tonight we are rolling out our first ad campaign together with Discovery Channel Sweden and the TV-series Escape From Hell with Bear Grylls.

We are really excited to start with advertising on Outdrr.com because we believe that good and relevant advertising in the right context is more like information, basically things you would like to know.

As well the ads will basically make it possible to develop the site even more and to provide a really good service for our bloggers and readers.

The specific ad we are starting with is a video ad to promote Bear Grylls new TV-show on Discovery Channel in Sweden, you can see the video below. The ad is shown on the startpage of outdrr.com for Swedish visitors. The ad is not shown on any of the blogs.

Our ad policy
1. We will always stand behind the product and the message of our ads
2. Our ads will never interfere with our main goals, to inspirer more people to go out and to promote for a better environment

If your are interested in advertise on Outdrr.com please contact us.

You can see the video on our startpage.


Facts about Outdrr.com

By nilsgrundberg 2013.11.01 in Blogging at Outdrr.com

Today we are exactly 100 blogs on the site. We have released the Swedish and English version.

– 50 of the blogs are in Swedish and 50 are in English
– There a few more women than men who blogs on outdrr but it’s almost 50/50
– We have bloggers from 10 countries and visitors from 81 (!) different countries
– 46 % is women who visit the site and 54 % is men

Want to join us?

Apply to Outdrr.com
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