Our first ad campaign

By nilsgrundberg on 2013.11.02 In Uncategorized

Tonight we are rolling out our first ad campaign together with Discovery Channel Sweden and the TV-series Escape From Hell with Bear Grylls.

We are really excited to start with advertising on Outdrr.com because we believe that good and relevant advertising in the right context is more like information, basically things you would like to know.

As well the ads will basically make it possible to develop the site even more and to provide a really good service for our bloggers and readers.

The specific ad we are starting with is a video ad to promote Bear Grylls new TV-show on Discovery Channel in Sweden, you can see the video below. The ad is shown on the startpage of outdrr.com for Swedish visitors. The ad is not shown on any of the blogs.

Our ad policy
1. We will always stand behind the product and the message of our ads
2. Our ads will never interfere with our main goals, to inspirer more people to go out and to promote for a better environment

If your are interested in advertise on Outdrr.com please contact us.

You can see the video on our startpage.


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