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Two weeks ago, we felt overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction, the feeling you get from being with really good friends. We were in the car on our way from the first Outdrr meet up. The only unusual thing was that all the people we spent the weekend with – we had never met in real life before.
Our first meet up took place in Skule national park situated in the High Coast, a world heritage area in the north of Sweden known for its bays, deep forest and changing landscape.

We started our journey in Stockholm. Together with us in the car we had the bloggers Anna and Johan. With 500 km Behind us we landed at “Naturum” (in Sweden a center for visitors to a nature area) just by the Skule Mountain. The rest of the team arrived by bus or train.

Before heading out we handed out products that we were going to test during Outdrr Awards.

At first we all felt a bit reserved but once we head out in the woods the eager of discovering took away all that and everyone started talking and enjoying the hike.

Tärnettholmarna, created by the Post-glacial rebound

We hiked from “Entré Syd” the south entrance of the national park, our goal was a place called Tärnettholmarna. A bay created by the “post-glacial rebound”, the rise of land masses that were depressed by the huge weight of ice sheets during the last glacial period.

You start off in deep forest but quiet quickly you end up just by the sea and you actually find several beautiful beaches.

Once at Tärnettholmarna we “checked-in” to the really nice cabin equipped with simple beds, stove and lot’s of dry wood. There are several cabins around the area, you can use them for free but you should clean them before you leave. All nine of us fitted nicely into the cabin expect Johan who slept under his Tarp outside, “Bushcraft style”.

We woke up in a dry and warm cabin, outside it was a bit chilly, the fog was dancing upon the sea and the deep forest.

Beach in the High COast

Johan refreshes himself after the hike.

Anna and Johan.

High Coast Cabin
One of the many nice cabins in the Skule national park.



The hike continued into the forest our goal was the famous “Slåtterdalsskrevan”, a huge crevice famous by being a part in the movie of “Ronja Rövardotter” (Ronia the Robber’s Daughter), by world famous author Astrid Lindgren.

The hike from Tärnettholmarna to Slåtterdalsskrevan is quiet rough, rough terrain and sharp rocks so we would recommend wearing gloves, the Hestra Ergo Grip Active and Leather Pro Fit that we tried out was perfect companions.

We stopped for lunch on the mountain just after Slåtterdalsskrevan, perfect place for lunch break. From here usually it’s a great view over the landscape and the sea but today the fog put a stopped to that. The fog gives another dimension to the landscape and when the ravens come out making noises and circled us during the lunch break a mysterious feeling overwhelmed us.

Nils Grundberg running in Slåtterdalsskrevan

Nils Grundberg hikes the unusually snowy Slåtterdalsskrevan

Norrsvedjebodarna, used by people
since medieval time

The last night we spent in Norrsvedjebodarna. The area has been used since medieval time as summer grazing, this is where people, especially women, use to move during summer together with the livestock. Here they made cheese and butter for the summer and collected food for the livestock.

Testing h3

In Norrsvedjebodarna you can also find a cabin for everyone to use. When we got there the cabin were used by some visitors so we all decided to stay in tents during the night. But before that we enjoyed the coziness of an open fire, we sat done and talked and laughed for hours.


The last days hike we were up for a challenge. The forestry trail was really snowy and wet. Spring had not yet come to the dark forest of Skule. But we left with spring in mind.

norrsvedjebodarna Norrsvedjebodarna been used for people for summer grazing since medieval time.


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      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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